Download application to join: APPLICATION-FORM

This application will be forwarded to the Worshipful Master of the lodge located closest to you unless you indicate otherwise.

You can email a PDF to  seattlefreemasons @ Fees/Dues can be paid after confirmation of the receipt of application materials.

Common Membership Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to join?

You must be 18 years or older.

What accommodations can you make for my physical or mental needs? Do you accept people with disabilities or handicaps?

It depends upon the circumstances. Certain disabilities might prevent full participation. 

How much time and energy do I need to contribute?

Especially in your first year as a Freemason, please be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time learning, studying and some time spent in memorizing. The more time and effort you are willing to contribute, the more growth and progress you will see. When you put forth your best effort, you will benefit greatly.

Do I need anything special to be a member?

You must be free, of full age (18 years) and of good report (a good reputation, with people who are willing to vouch for your character). In addition, we prefer that you regularly check your email, as that is our primary method for regular communications.

Am I required to buy any special uniform or type of clothing for meetings?

You do not need to purchase a specific uniform, but we do wear certain colors. When you become a Master Mason (3rd degree), there will be necessary ritual regalia–the apron (around $60).

Do I have to be financially wealthy or politically well-connected to join?

No. You only need to be able to comfortably afford Masonic Fees and Dues.

If I’m already a Mason, can I attend your meetings?

All Masonic obediences, including Freemasons from male-craft lodges, are welcome to attend our meetings, pending verification. Once we verify that you are in good standing with your lodge, we can proceed. Please Contact Us.

If I’m already a Mason, how do I join?

Contact us with information regarding your lodge so we can verify you are in good standing. We then will arrange a meeting (virtual or in person) to discuss your options.

What kind of people join?

There is a frequent saying in Freemasonry: “We take good men (or women) and make them better.” Many of the people that apply to join are already on the path of self-improvement. Freemasonry helps by giving people tools to become even better. Want to learn more? Check out the American Federation’s website for in-depth information.

How soon can I join?

We accept applications for new members at any time. Initiations will be scheduled based on need and the other duties of the Triangle. Your patience in this matter is appreciated.

I’m scared, but I also really want to join.

No worries! We are happy to meet with you, talk over the phone, or chat via email. We can answer most of your questions, although some answers may be vague because of the secrecy of the ritual. Information about initiation, degree work, and more can be found on the internet, but nothing will prepare you for the real-life experiences of being a Freemason. At some point, you will have to trust your instinct. We look forward to all the light you bring.

The application says I need two people to recommend me. Who should I put?

You can leave those lines blank. After your application is submitted, or if you inquire without submitting an application, you will be in contact with one or more LDH members. By the time you are scheduled for initiation, at least two LDH members will be happy to sign your application recommending you.