Seattle Freemasons and Portland Freemasons – are they the same?

In Seattle, the Evergreen Triangle is organized under International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women: Le Droit Humain  (LDH) for the state of Washington.

In Portland, the Free Thinkers Lodge is under dispensation of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women: Le Droit Humain (LDH) for the state of Oregon.  

What’s a Triangle?

A Triangle is a smaller version of a Lodge. While still required to meet certain duties and uphold the teachings by following ancient and accepted rituals according to the International dictates, Triangles can operate with fewer members and with less administrative overhead.

What is the general history of LDH freemasonry in Washington and Oregon?

Initiated August, 2008, the founding members began as a study group in Seattle. Within 2 years, several of those members became Master Masons and formed the Evergreen Triangle based in Seattle. In 2011, the first Portland member joined the group followed by a second person in 2014. In 2019, sufficient members in Portland took initiative to form Free Thinkers Lodge and held the first Portland lodge meeting in December, 2019.  

Why the name Evergreen Triangle?

The symbolism of “Evergreen” is very rich and contains a great amount of meaning. One interpretation could include everlasting life energy or continual renewal of life. 

What if I live somewhere between Seattle and Portland? Which should I join? 

We understand that folks traveling long distances can face challenges. You are welcome to join which ever location you prefer, and after you join you are welcome to attend whichever meetings you feel suit you best — in fact, once a member of LDH, you can seek invitation to any lodge meeting around the world.  

Freemasons are all about “brotherhood”. How do you reconcile this gender identification in today’s gender-fluid world?

We have specifically discussed this matter and are seeking input to resolve it. Since inception, the Evergreen Triangle has used the identifiers of ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’ during Lodge proceedings. Please note that members of the Evergreen Triangle or Free Thinkers Lodge are open to all identities. While the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women: Le Droit Humain does not have language in place and the ancient and accepted rituals use ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’, each lodge will strive to respect your needs once you identify them.

Am I required to profess a belief in a supreme being or God to become a Mason?

No. Belief in God/s, supreme Being/s, or any belief system is not asked of you. We focus on tolerance and acceptance.

Which rituals are you using?

Le Droit Humain in the United States works three primary rituals: Lauderdale, North American, and Georges Martin. The Evergreen Triangle works the North American ritual, which is the equivalent of all 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite system and includes several York Rite degrees, as well. The Free Thinkers Lodge works the Georges Martin ritual.

What am I required to do once I join?

The minimum expectations are that you attend meetings, engage in conversations at meetings, study and read on your own time and at your own pace, advance through the degrees if you choose to, contribute at least a penny per meeting to the mites (lodge contribution) and bag of benevolence (charitable contribution), pay your local and national dues, be dressed appropriately for meetings with your proper lodge attire, and consider volunteering additional time to the betterment of humanity.

How often do you meet?

Evergreen Triangle meets in person on the 1st Sunday of each month. Free Thinkers Lodge in Portland meets in person on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Meetings last approximately 4 to 5 hours (which includes setup and breakdown of the lodge). With the option to move meeting dates to avoid holidays or other conflicts, generally there are 8 to 10 meetings per year for each city. Additional study groups (sometimes held via video chat) are scheduled for community building.

Additional questions? We have more answers on the Join page. The American Federation also provides answers to many questions

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